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If you are visiting this site, you probably know a little about us and how we’ve been together since high school. We met‎ at Math Club competitions (Tracy joined for the extra credit, Jason was in it because … that’s just what he did), and got to work together more through our Odyssey of the Mind team.

One of the only non-prom photos of us I can find right now. That right … we’ve always embraced our dorkiness.

Yes, we did spend a lot of time together. But it was over the summer when we really got to know one another – while Tracy was at summer school and Jason was back home working – through long and detailed letters talking about our likes and dislikes and plans for the future. Eventually, we started including each other in those plans.

We kept up the writing throughout the school year and eventually became an official couple. As a fan of Piers Anthony books, Jason had just read a book called Isle of View (in the Xanth series) and recommended it to Tracy. He also ended his notes to Tracy with a drawing of a little deserted island with just the two of them – an Isle of View. Throughout the years, as we went to different colleges, that little island became a regular part of our correspondence and the cards we gave one another for birthdays.

Now we hope that we never actually get stranded on a desert island, but the little drawings are a symbol of the life we dreamed of building together – the life we have now. The drawings have changed over time – they’ve seen the addition of cats, the rounded belly of pregnancies, and the addition of children. They have been a coded message that tells one another, “Isle of View.”

Get it? Told you we’re dorks!


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