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I’m going off on my own this weekend.

“On my own” isn’t really accurate – I’ll actually be with a few dozen other women at a scrapbooking retreat in the Lakes Region. We’ll spend the better part of three days at an inn cropping – preserving our past memories while making new ones. There will be a lot of gabbing, eating and laughing. By the time it’s over, I hope to have finished an album about the Boo’s first year.

As the ambitious mom of one, I somehow had time to make one album for each year of Kiki’s life (up to age 5), as well as three smaller ones with specific themes: my pregnancy, an A to Z album and one called “Kiki’s Closet.” I also have books about my wedding and our family vacations. I also started a birthday album for Kiki, in which I put together a two-page layout about her every year. Yeah, that hasn’t been updated since 2008.

In fact, since the Boo was born in 2009, I’ve been to one crop, and that was a few months after he was born. Needless to say, the poor kid doesn’t have any albums about him. And right now, I can’t imagine myself sitting down long enough to work on all those books. Getting all the supplies can also be fairly expensive. I’m reevaluating and thinking that I will perhaps do one book per year for the family – but I’ll do a digital album that I can reproduce for each kid if they ever want them. But will I get over the guilt of not giving one kid what I gave the other one?

Sure, I will.

I will keep making paper albums, though; I like the physical act of it – sorting through cardstock, cutting and shifting the photos just so … and then feeling the heft of the finished book when you take it off the shelf to show someone. These albums will be more more themed, though – maybe travels or specific trips or something similar to Kiki’s A to Z album, in which each page featured a word with a photo that was somehow related. For example, X-ray was the X page – and we had a fuzzy phone photo of Kiki in the doctor’s office waiting room after she broke her collarbone.

When I come back from my retreat, it will be time to take Kiki to her Girl Scout meeting. And what activity do you think our troop leader has planned for the girls this week? Scrapbooking! Now if I can get Kiki hooked, I’ll have a good reason to keep all my supplies out.

Scrapbook page

A layout from one of my first albums – circa 2004.


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