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I always wanted flying monkeys…

Posted by Jason

July 16, 2013 The FutureThe PastThe Present  No comments

In a strange way, I've been blessed to have had the modern day equivalent of flying monkeys in one way or another for most of my life.  (This is certainly not intended as a denigration to any of the "monkeys" that I've worked with in the past).  I fancy myself as a failed criminal mastermind, who has always wanted to have an army of minions.

When I was part of the karate school, I literally had an army to help me with various projects.  I remember once that my father was working with High Hopes and he needed to get flyers out for some fundraising event, and within 3 hours I had an army of dojo based volunteers hanging posters, distributing flyers... and doing such a good job that the police department literally called High Hopes to advise them that we had crossed the line when hanging

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What’s up with us?

Posted by Tracy

June 28, 2013 The Future  No comments

 Look at that - almost three months gone in the blink of an eye! Now summer is here and all my excuses for not updating are gone.I can't tell you how many posts I've false-started, only to stop either because I'm getting boring or I've lost my train of thought. And then I'll read updates from one of my friends on their blogs (or even a lengthy Facebook post), and I'll think again, "Man, I really should get on that."

A few year-end things got in the way: volunteering, school plays, dance recitals and all that. The boy finished his first year of preschool with a lovely party (and lots of singing and signing by cute 3- and 4-year-olds). I also met with his teacher, and he's all set to join the 4-year-old class in September! Oh, he also participated in a gymnastics show and got his very

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Throwing my cap over the wall…

Posted by Jason

May 9, 2012 The Future  No comments

I first heard this expression from President Bartlett on an episode of West Wing:
"My father was very fond of the analogy of the Irish lads whose journey was blocked by a brick wall, seemingly too high to scale. Throwing their caps over the wall, the lads had no choice but to follow. How many times in the great history of our country have we come to a wall seemingly too high to scale only to throw our caps to the other side?"
Today, I have thrown my cap over the wall.  Some of you who know me are probably aware that I've been going to the gym over the past few months in an effort to get into better shape.  I'm grateful for the support Tracy has given me on this, and thankful to have my friend Dan as a training partner.   It's not easy to convince someone to meet you at the gym

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