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Purple Penguin: A Mother’s Gift

Posted by Jason

May 16, 2015 FamilyThe Past  No comments

We’re celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday this weekend. (I’m not going to post this entry until we’ve done that as I don’t want to ruin the surprise.)

One part of our gift to her is basically the equivalent of an '80s mix tape. Tracy was listening to music with her mom a few weeks ago, and introduced her to the world of MP3s and playlists. They spend some time on Amazon and Google finding music that they used to listen to on vinyl when Tracy was growing up: Jim Nabors, John Denver, Johnny Cash (apparently they liked guys who had first names that started with the letter J; I guess this tendency must have lived on in my wife).

(Note from Tracy: Ha ha - he conveniently left off other artists on our list - Charley Pride, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel.)

So Tracy created a playlist

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Happy Easter

Posted by Jason

April 5, 2015 FamilyThe PastThe Present  No comments

One of the things that has always amazed me about holidays is how much things change year after year, but also how much things stay the same. Tracy posted a little bit about Easter traditions yesterday, and this morning I'm reflecting on Easters past and present.

Growing up, Easter was one of those holidays we spent travelling and visiting relatives. I grew up near a lot of relatives. My father's parents were about 45 minutes away, while my mother's parents lived about a 20-minute drive from us. I had aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of the family who mostly stayed in the area; growing up, I was almost always within a half-hour of whatever birthday or holiday party was getting hosted.

We even hosted more than our fair share ourselves.

Today we're travelling (about 20

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Oh yeah!

Posted by Tracy

February 19, 2015 FamilyThe Past  No comments

While going off about my childhood food favorites going bad the other day, I couldn't recall what got me started on that topic on the first place. But now I remember - the Boo's teacher gave out cute valentines that said "Hope you have a "kool" Valentine's Day!" with a packet of grape Kool-Aid.

I used to LOVE Kool-Aid! Especially getting a rainbow assortment of those little packets. They smelled divine - all tart and fruity. And I love how they stained my tongue whatever color I happened to be drinking. Last time I bought a packet, it was to make brightly colored play dough for a preschool class.

The Boo has never been into juice, but he was curious enough to try the Kool-Aid his teacher gave him. Or he just wanted to be the one to stir it. A little detail I didn't remember what

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