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Day of blooming doubts

Posted by Tracy

June 18, 2015 HomeschoolingThe Present  No comments

So we're pretty much done with our second year of homeschooling for Kiki, and so far I think it's been a positive experience. I'm really glad we're getting the extra time together, and I hope she's getting as much out of it as I am.

That doesn't mean I never wonder if she would have been better off if I had just left her in school. Would she have eventually figured out that she should pay attention in class, even when she's not interested in the topic? Would she have social skills? Would she be better at writing? Am I making her miss out on the most important experiences of her youth? Those questions are nagging at me in particular this week for several reasons.

If we had gone with the flow and just followed what many consider to be the natural order of things, Kiki would have

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Happy Easter

Posted by Jason

April 5, 2015 FamilyThe PastThe Present  No comments

One of the things that has always amazed me about holidays is how much things change year after year, but also how much things stay the same. Tracy posted a little bit about Easter traditions yesterday, and this morning I'm reflecting on Easters past and present.

Growing up, Easter was one of those holidays we spent travelling and visiting relatives. I grew up near a lot of relatives. My father's parents were about 45 minutes away, while my mother's parents lived about a 20-minute drive from us. I had aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of the family who mostly stayed in the area; growing up, I was almost always within a half-hour of whatever birthday or holiday party was getting hosted.

We even hosted more than our fair share ourselves.

Today we're travelling (about 20

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On the stage

Posted by Jason

August 16, 2014 The Present  No comments

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Kiki did a great job in her role during the Peacock Players performance of Jungle Book today. It was the culmination of a two-week theater camp. She has already declared that she wants to go back next year.


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