Poolside posting

Posted by Tracy

May 29, 2017 Family  No comments

Since it's been almost a year and a half since we've posted here, it has been hard to figure out how to get started again. Why do we even maintain this blog? We started it when Kiki was very small, and I really enjoy reading the stories we posted about here. Of course, some of the posts make me cringe, but I like having the memories.

Despite being strongly set in my introverted ways, I also still like to share. Sometimes I share a little too much, but at least when I write here, it's easy enough to readers to move on. So here I am again.

I'm working my first shift of the year at my summer job at the neighborhood pool. It's a holiday and it's just cold and cloudy enough for this to be a quiet shift. The peace is nice, and I thought it would be a good time to get started and see if I

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Shut up, brain!

Posted by Tracy

January 19, 2016 Goals  No comments

I'm currently trying out different ways of getting my mind to quiet down. Not that my days are literally noisy; like their parents, both of our kids are on the quiet side. Kiki likes to listen to music while she works, but I either dictate the selection or she wears headphones. The Boo does like to chatter a lot, but his voice alone isn't enough to drive me crazy on a normal day.

No, it's the voices in the my head that get to me. The ones that are constantly running through my to-do lists, both daily and long-term. They are also voices of criticism and insecurity. "How is it that we haven't moved much past the Civil War, even though it's almost January?" "Why does he refuse to read the book his teacher sent home from school?" "Why am I so terrible about helping him find friends?

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December is done

Posted by Tracy

January 3, 2016 FamilyHolidays  No comments

Boy, did that month fly by! I would say I don't know how it happened, but I do - we kept ourselves very busy.

Kiki started off the month by playing a ghost (Christmas Past) in a performance of A Christmas Carol. A week later, she dressed up as Princess Leia (New Hope style with a white dress and cinnamon bun 'do) for a holiday skating show. Both were pretty awesome.

The Boo was the director of our Christmas decorating. It was mostly done over Thanksgiving weekend, but he continued at add special touches here and there in the form of hand-drawn trees and other art, including a poster that proclaimed, "Christmas is FUN!" One day he insisted that we decorate gingerbread cookies, even though we'd never done it before. Based on the fact that we spent three or four evenings decorating

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