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Stitches and numbers

Posted by Tracy

January 20, 2014 HomeschoolingLog  No comments

Distractions abound! After the holidays go by, it is really hard to settle down and focus, even with all the resolutions and goal setting. Among the things on my mind:

Our late-spring vacation across the ocean. SO looking forward to new experiences and new sights for all of us. Man, I hope I don't get seasick!

Destination Imagination. Helping out with Kiki's team is absolutely nuts. The kids are crackers (in a good way), and trying to get them to focus feels like herding cats. This is why I never went into teaching. But I can't wait to see how their solution turns out, and I have high hopes for their tournament day.

Needlework. I don't know why, but I've had the crazy urge to learn how to knit and crochet. I've tried to learn

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Get out!

Posted by Tracy

September 10, 2013 HomeschoolingLog  No comments

In my last post, I think I mentioned how relaxing our mornings have become since we started homeschooling, with the ability to sleep past 6 and enjoy a breakfast that's not rushed before easing our way into the work with a little couch reading.

Well, today didn't exactly go that way. It's Tuesday, and ever since Kiki was a baby, we have tried to spend a least part of each Tuesday with Grandma. I really want to try to keep this up, even though The Boo's afternoon school schedule complicates things. Also, Kiki had TWO activities on the docket for today - a monthly Nerf Club session about 40 minutes away and a theater class downtown. Of course, there was also actual school work to be done.

I'm not yet so well-planned that I can just pull out a folder with the day's assignments all set

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Posted by Jason

February 27, 2013 The Present  No comments

the Boo was up last night... I tried to lay down with him to calm him down, but he really wanted his mother.  That means Tracy was up with him last night and the two of them are still in bed.  Kiki is on vacation from school this week, so there's no frantic rush to get her off to the bus, and she is very intelligently sleeping in.

As I was up in the middle of the night with the Boo, I decided to skip my morning workout with Dan (sorry Dan), and get an extra hour of sleep.  But now I'm up... and the house is really quiet.

It's kind of peaceful.

For the past few years, if I was up like this and the rest of the family was sleeping, it wouldn't be this quiet.  A black cat would be loudly purring for attention and food.   I do miss her.   Loki is still here - but he's just basically

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