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The day

Posted by Jason

December 8, 2011 The Present  No comments

It has been a great birthday, and I want to thank everyone who shared it with me and made it a wonderful day.  Most especially, my lovely wife, wonderful daughter, and adorable son.

I got up and headed to the gym this morning, but discovered that Tracy had a hard time sleeping and got up early (4:30).  I did have a great workout with Dan this morning ...  including a weird beta endorphin rush that got me some extra reps on squats.   Kiki gave me a really cute birthday card, then I went to wait for the bus with her and the Boo.   The neighbors wished me a happy birthday (the power of the internet I think).   the Boo was being particularly funny and cute at the bus stop.

He's in the mimicry stage now... meaning he copies almost everything he sees.  This is a source of endless

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The Feast of St. Nicholas

Posted by Jason

December 7, 2011 The Past  No comments

December has always been a busy and joyful month for me.  My birthday is tomorrow, and that has always been really the start of the Christmas season for me.   (When I was younger, most people seemed to think that Black Friday was really the start of the Christmas season... but my parents were very adamant about keeping holiday decorations to a minimum until after my birthday had passed.)  Now that I'm older, I realize how thoughtful that really was of them -- it's hard for any kid to have their birthday overshadowed by Christmas.

Those of us with December birthdays probably have more sensitivity to this than most.  Honestly, it doesn't bother me now, as I'm more thankful that I actually survived another year.  But we do have young friends and family who have December birthdays to

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Hold on to the days

Posted by Tracy

September 29, 2011 The Present  No comments

Last time I wrote, I was feeling old because my birthday was approaching. Now it's my kids' birthdays that are marking how quickly time passes.

the Boo is now a 2-year-old. At least he's not growing up too quickly. He's rambunctious and will climb anywhere he can get a toehold. He resists naps and bedtimes, and he's a picky, picky eater (even worse than Kiki was at that age, I shudder to say). He loves dancing to The Wiggles and at his toddler gymnastics class. He already has a pretty good throwing arm and can build very tall towers with his blocks. He gets clingy with whichever of his parents is about to walk out the door, and he screams and jumps for joy when he sees his big sister's school bus turn the corner.

And that big sister of his ... she is growing up. Kiki's schedule is

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