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Virtual housekeeping

Posted by Tracy

August 18, 2014 Goals  No comments

14941503145_777260f3cb_zWe obviously have trouble posting here consistently, as well as on the other blog, so we are going to tweak with things some more.

Writing isn't the problem. I do write. I journal whenever I have a chance. I just can't get myself to believe that there's much going on in my life that people really want to read. Then there's a part of me that doesn't care, and just want to get stuff out there anyway. Maybe the exhibitionist in me is going to come up, now that I'm about to enter a new decade.

I've dipped my toe into the various social media - mostly Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram and Google+. I also have a LinkedIn profile, but I'm a little too ashamed to use it, since I've been out of the work force for several years now.  I use all of these, but I rarely share one thing to all

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New URL… New theme

Posted by Jason

February 24, 2013 The Present  No comments

We're still going to be experimenting a bit with this site.  Now that we're using WordPress, we have a whole family of themes that are open to us, and we're playing with some options and are going to settle down in a few weeks.  We've also picked a new domain (, and we're reviewing our use of social media.   I think that we're going to take this blog and "kick it up a notch" this year.

Tracy and I both have Facebook and Twitter accounts, participate in and other sites.  At some point we'll be adding links to these for people to connect with us.

One of the things that I'm going to try to do is be more public about my diabetes management.  I figure if I have more of an audience, I'll be more accountable for my eating and exercise habits.

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What you’ve been missing

Posted by Tracy

February 21, 2013 The Present  No comments

I have been finding it hard to write here, but I have been writing in my online journal. Blog ideas that turn into long rants end up not getting posted. Or they just end up not making sense. Or I worry about sharing too much that people just don't care about.

But then I remember something I wrote in my first-ever post: Joining the blog world seems like a good solution, because when people get bored, escape is only a click away. And I can go on and on as much as I want about how terrific my kid is." I was going to link directly to the post itself, but Jason put a horrible photo of me there (which will be removed shortly).

So here we go again. Since I haven't made a proper post for months now, I'll just fill you in on the topics I could have posted on (in no particular order):

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