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25 things (the 1-year-old edition)

Posted by Tracy

September 14, 2010 The Present  No comments

I wrote one of these about Kiki awhile back, and I enjoyed doing it. In honor of my the Boo turning a year old - and because of the fact that I haven't given him nearly enough air time here - I'm going to compile a list of some of my favorite things about him.

I realize these are things a lot of babies do, but he's the only baby I've got (for the moment), so just indulge me.

1. Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes in my baby's company is aware that he growls. It started out months ago as a tiny "rrrr" in response to me playing with his lion toy. For awhile, he'd use it to protest: *rrr* "Don't wipe my nose" or *rrr* "Hey, I was playing in that cabinet!" Now I'd say that about half of his talking is in a gutteral tone, whether or not he's happy.

2. Like almost all the

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I should be sleeping …

Posted by Tracy

October 3, 2009 The Present  No comments

... but I feel guilty for not having posted anything in the last couple of weeks. This might get cut short anyway, should the baby wake up.

Things are good. We got through the delivery (yay for epidurals!) and the first fragile days of having a new little person in our house, not to mention a rockin' Japanese tea party birthday celebration for big sister. When she was born, I remember my entire life being put on pause for weeks while we adjusted. This time, however, her schedule has forced me to get off my (sore) tush a lot faster than I normally would have.

Fortunately, recovery has happened much faster this time around. And I have a wonderful husband who wakes up every night from 1-4 a.m. to help break up my night feeding vigils with a decent block of sleep. I'm still tired and

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