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A Goal Driven Life

Posted by Jason

April 15, 2012 The FutureThe Past  No comments

When my father passed away, we knew that the end was coming for a few months before it happened, and it's impossible to truly explain how focused that kind of knowledge can make you.   Intellectually, I think everyone gets it... but loving someone who is going through that experience is nearly impossible to describe.  I think everyone knows how much I love my dad, and that I would move heaven and earth to help him do what he needed to do before he died.
A very tangible result of that was his visit to Disney World with his granddaughters before he passed on.  I don't want to take credit for "making it happen" - that was the result of an incredible amount of support and effort from everyone who loved him - especially Tracy, who worked tirelessly with the travel agency to make it a perfect

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New Year… New Challenges

Posted by Jason

January 2, 2012 The FutureThe Present  One comment

Well, we tallied up our score for last years challenges, and got 35.  The means out of the 100 things we listed on our "to do" list for 2011, we accomplished 35 of them.

That might seem like a low score, but I'm actually pretty happy with it. Some of those things were non-trivial challenges.

So this year, we've replaced them with some other challenges. Things like eating at a restaurant that we've never been to, roller blading, 700 tweets this year (between the two of us... it's actually a little less than 1 per day for each of us), and gaining Foursquare mayordoms. There are fitness goals and home improvement goals. Overall, it's shaping up to be an interesting year.

Honestly, we probably won't accomplish the majority of our challenges for this year... but I'm absolutely

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Posted by Jason

January 1, 2012 The FutureThe Present  No comments

I've always been the type to save things until the very last minute. And this month has been no different. I've had quite a few goals for myself ... some related to the 2011 Challenge List, some related to exercise ... and some miscellaneous things.

I've been doing a "Stay Fit for the Holidays" challenge at my local YMCA, and one of the conditions for a successful completion is going to workout 20 times between Thanksgiving and New Years. (I did it yesterday)

For the 2011 challenge list, Tracy and I are trying to achieve a challenge where we are each supposed to read a novel picked by the other. I picked "Ready Player One," which is an outstanding geeky novel that Tracy gave me for Christmas. She picked "Kiki on Her Own," which is a short novel by Ursula K. LeGuin about a flying cat

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