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Penguin’s Quote of the Day

Posted by Jason

January 12, 2012 The Past  No comments

Years ago (more than a I care to count really), I managed an email list that was entitled "Penguin's Quote of the Day." This was back when the Internet was still very young and had a bit of a "wild West" vibe to it. The concept of email was foreign to most people. I was a freshman at Dartmouth and had just gotten my Blitzmail account.

Well, I concluded that to help motivate me to get up in the morning, I'd start a habit of sending out a quote to my friends via email every day. It started off as a short list of recipients - a few of my classmates, Tracy (who had her own email account), and a few of my high school friends who were at other schools, but also had email.

I probably had about a dozen or so people who I was sending the quotes off to - not a big audience at all, but enough

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