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If you’re *that* curious

Posted by Tracy

July 31, 2008 The Present  No comments

I kept track of what I did with my free hours yesterday. I've made fun of people who share every little minute detail of their day-to-day lives (as if I really care about how they organize their sock drawers), so I'm venturing into some uncomfortable territory here. I figure that anyone who doesn't want to bother just won't read. Won't make a difference to me.

So where does my time go?

9:30-11 - Wrote first blog entry, shaved legs, ate breakfast, picked up living room while watching last two episodes of "The Next Food Network Star" - Go, Big Daddy!

11-11:22 - Phone calls, toss in a load of laundry, read the newspaper and wonder about the rash of recent freak car crashes - one into the side of Aspirations on 101A, when the teenage driver said a big, bad truck truck with Mass.

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The list

Posted by Tracy

July 30, 2008 The Present  No comments

I can't remember the last time I had this much time to myself. No child. No husband. No appointments. No deadline.

With so many - OK, really just seven or eight - such hours ahead of me, just think of all the stuff I can get done:

Blog entry (soon to be checked off)
Grocery shopping
Getting a gift for the wedding we're attending this weekend
Catch up on laundry (including the folding!)
Cleaning out the disaster zone that is normally the craft room
Prepping the living room wall for a coat of paint
Sorting and organizing all the papers that have been piling up - and shredding the ones to discard
Writing or calling all the friends and family I've been neglecting

You see how it goes, how the list grows more and more ambitious? How I try to pack so many of my summer

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