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Ah… what a nightmare.

Posted by Jason

July 15, 2009 The Present  No comments

Well, things could be worse I guess. I woke up this morning around 3am to my mom telling me that there was a flood in the basement.


Or more accurately, there was 4 inches of water sitting in the kitchen of the downstairs apartment. Three to four inches of water. I started trying to pump it out (thanks to my trusty Shop Vac). After feeling that it was an exercise in futility, I went to the backyard to see if I could figure out a way to rig something to make the draining exercise better... and then I heard that the water was still flowing. (Sounded like the hose was running but it wasn't). However, this sound led me to the water heater... and coming to the dawning realization that it had burst.

I'm proud of myself for figuring out which valves to shut off to stop the

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Counting our blessings

Posted by Tracy

December 17, 2008 The Present  No comments

Our power was out from around 11:30 p.m. Thursday to 11 a.m. Monday, but we didn't suffer at all.

We are grateful that all those our trees' branches that cracked under the weight of the ice landed in our yard instead of on our roof. It was a long, scary night.

We are grateful that we were equipped (somewhat) to deal with a power outage, armed with flashlights and heavy blankets and cell phones that still worked.

We are grateful that our families were minimally affected (for the most part), not because it enabled them to help us, but because it meant they were safe and warm.

Of course, we're also grateful that our parents had power and warm homes (and wi-fi!) to offer, and that they did so with no hesitation. In fact, they made it sound like it was us doing them the favor. How

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Posted by Tracy

January 11, 2008 The Present  No comments

We just had a really close call. With all that's happened to Jason since Halloween - more than his share of bad circumstances and luck, I think - this would have been the disaster to end them all.

He has maintained his calm through his father's five hospital admissions (involving kidney failures, a heart attack, a stroke and - the latest - a blood clot in the leg) and the stress of taking so much time off while trying to adjust to a new job.

When he woke up one snowy morning to discover that the special snowblower that Oma gave him had been stolen out of the driveway, he didn't break down; he just went back outside and shoveled and then ordered another one to replace it. And when that one turned out to have an unrepairable (for us, anyway) wheel, he just brought it back.


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