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Facing forward

Posted by Tracy

October 4, 2010 The Present  No comments

Fall is my new beginning; circumstance has dictated that. My birthday is at the end of August, and that matches the beginning of the school year - a perfect time to revamp your life. Also, both of my kids are September babies, and fall is just a more joyous, energetic time of year. It sure beats New Year's Day, when I'm too busy cleaning up after the holidays.

So with our sad events now behind us (for the most part), we are looking forward. Already in the works for the rest of the year are a few celebrations, a pumpkin festival outing with the family, the arrival of a new niece, at least one dance performance in which Kiki will be dressing up as a Chipette and, of course, all the traditional winter holiday bustle. We're also considering a mom-and-dad overnight getaway, now that the Boo

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September rambles

Posted by Tracy

September 19, 2008 The Present  No comments

New Year's Day is in January, but sometimes it feels like September is the real time for new beginnings.

School, of course: Kiki is into the swing of kindergarten and has already been on her first field trip of the year (and the first field trip she's been on that I did not help chaperone!). So far, so good. She seems to be a lot more talkative at school this year than in the past, though she's still kind of a loner whenever I see her. She does talk about certain classmates, and I do hear a few kids yell out, "Bye, Kiki!" when I pick her up sometimes.

One big difference about this year is that Kiki is in a mixed class; she and three other kids leave at noon, while most of the other kids are there all day. I checked, and she isn't missing much curriculum-wise (it's mostly nap time

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