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Thankful (Part II) – Finished it!

Posted by Tracy

November 14, 2013 Family  No comments

Time to continue where I left off yesterday! Yes, I'm that confident that I will finish and post this before I go to bed.

16. The best husband and kids ever: I'm trying not to get too sappy here, but what else can I say? They are my world. Even when they make me want to bang my head on the wall.

17. The fact that I am able to stay home: There are people who look down on me for giving up my career, and there are people who envy the fact that we can live on one income. All I know is that it's the right thing for our family at this time (much like our decision to homeschool Kiki). I like to think that I have enough friends and outside interests to keep me balanced.

18. Star Wars: For so many reasons, but mostly that the galaxy

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Ghost Busting

Posted by Jason

November 20, 2009 The Present  No comments

"There's a something strange in the neighborhood... who you gonna call?"

Apparently Kiki and I...but you have to call my new Droid.   In what I have to say is an incredibly clever and sophisticated game, Kiki and I spent more than a half hour today chasing ghosts in our neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to hunting more specters in the future.

Okay, let me explain the game.  Kiki was excited about it (we played multiple rounds).   Basically,  when we start that game is uses the phone's built-in GPS to identify where you are starting.  Then it randomly selects locations where there are "ghosts"... and it displays them on the GPS.   (The game area for the version that we were playing was around a 500' radius).     You then need to get to these areas and use

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Loving the new phone…

Posted by Jason

November 10, 2009 The Present  No comments

I just got the new Droid phone, and I have to say I'm impressed. I'll blog more when I've played more, but I'm pretty happy with it.

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