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Happy Pi Day!

Posted by Jason

March 14, 2013 The Present  No comments

Today is 3/14 - which nerds around the world celebrate as Pi day, enjoying baked confections and celebrating the world's most famous irrational number. If you were on facebook today and didn't understand the various references, it's because today's date (3/14) matches the first part of the number pi  (3.14)

I've actually set a hotkey on my computer to spit out this number to the first 100 digits.   It's 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

The world record for memorizing digits of pi is currently 67,890 held by Chao Lu (at least according to http://pi-world-ranking-list.com).   Memorizing pi is a rather geeky way for people to exercise their mental prowess.   Is it useful in any way?   Probably not.  Is it fun?  

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The A-Team

Posted by Jason

November 25, 2012 The Present  One comment

I've been at my current company for around 3 years now, which is a pretty long time for me to be with one company.  One of the things that I've been part of is introducing this company to using Agile development, which involves creating teams of individual contributors to work on a particular piece of the software product.
The team that I've been most actively involved with is a group called "The A-Team".   At a recent release celebration, each team was asked to share a presentation about what their team did.   Our group elected to do a video, which is what I'm sharing below: 

http://youtu.be/6G0GTyKa66IIt was fun to make with my team, and I thought worth sharing. :)

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Shooting Fish in a Bucket

Posted by Jason

April 29, 2012 The Present  One comment

Recently, I have decided to be a bit more aggressive about pursuing items on my bucket list.  In reviewing that list, one of the items that I thought would be fairly easy to complete was "shoot a gun".Of course, I have no firearms experience at all - which is one of the reasons that this even appeared on my bucket list in the first place.  So I turned to my friend Kevin, who is a gun enthusiast ("gun nut" seems like a crass way of describing his affection for the second amendment).    I asked him if he would take Tracy and I out to a range and teach us how to shoot.Somehow in making the arrangements for this, I told a few friends about it, and thought what the hell - maybe we can turn it into a group outing.   Kevin was okay with this, and I ended up seeing if some people who I haven't

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