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True romance

Posted by Tracy

February 15, 2010 The Present  2 comments

I didn't get a card from my husband on this Valentine's Day. I didn't get a card for him either.

We're both content with that. He shows his love for me through his actions every day, and I hope he
feels that I do the same.

Here are some of the most romantic things my husband does:

He wakes up with the baby so that I can sleep in.
He works hard to support our entire household so I am able to stay home for my children, and he never complains about it or uses it to make me feel guilty.
When he comes home from work, he immediately does what he can to give me a break from the baby.
He changes the kitty litter (seriously, one of the most romantic things ever!).
He is always willing to go out and pick up something that I'm craving, even when I'm not pregnant. Or he understands

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Happy Anniversary

Posted by Jason

November 9, 2009 The PastThe Present  No comments

Today is the eleventh anniversary of my wedding day.

It's pretty remarkable really.  Later this week, Tracy and I will have been a "couple" for 19 years.   And by all of our friends accounts, we were really dating about a year before we admitted it to ourselves.  And honestly, I believe that we're the happiest couple that we know.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank my lovely wife for everything that she is, and tell the whole world that I truly realize how lucky I am.

Tracy is my wife... the mother of my children... and my best friend.   She's been a big part of my life for two decades now.   We had a storybook romance in high school.  Survived the desolate years of separate colleges through the wonder of the internet and the high expenses of in-state long distance

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Like winning the lottery

Posted by Tracy

June 16, 2008 The Present  One comment

To all couples who plan to get married:

If you want to avoid several months of nagging and hand-wringing and save thousands of dollars, follow in the footsteps of our friends Holly and Craig. The two of them, who have been together for several years and bought a house together awhile back, got engaged about three weeks ago.

And they got married today in a simple ceremony officiated by Jason. Their parents and other family members were there, in their backyard, as well as a few close friends. They are a very low-key couple and are uncomfortable being in the spotlight for too long. Honestly, I can't picture Holly wearing a frothy, frilly white gown - or dropping the big bucks for one. Believe me, that's a compliment.

They know what's important: how to be together and tolerate one

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