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Waiting for words

Posted by Tracy

December 21, 2011 The Present  No comments

I am guilty of one of the biggest parental no-no's: comparing your children. More specifically, comparing their milestones and abilities. I know, it's horrible, but I can't help it. It's really just my way of figuring out what's coming down the road. I promise that I won't love either of them any less.

Some examples: Kiki crawled at seven and a half months, the Boo was six months. Kiki walked at 11 months, the Boo took his first steps on the day he turned one and didn't toddle until between 13 and 14 months. Kiki's first tooth didn't break until she was almost 10 months, while the Boo had two come in at six months. Kiki could speak in phrases and even the occasional sentence before she turned two; at 27 months old, the Boo is just starting to imitate words and put some of them

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Hold on to the days

Posted by Tracy

September 29, 2011 The Present  No comments

Last time I wrote, I was feeling old because my birthday was approaching. Now it's my kids' birthdays that are marking how quickly time passes.

the Boo is now a 2-year-old. At least he's not growing up too quickly. He's rambunctious and will climb anywhere he can get a toehold. He resists naps and bedtimes, and he's a picky, picky eater (even worse than Kiki was at that age, I shudder to say). He loves dancing to The Wiggles and at his toddler gymnastics class. He already has a pretty good throwing arm and can build very tall towers with his blocks. He gets clingy with whichever of his parents is about to walk out the door, and he screams and jumps for joy when he sees his big sister's school bus turn the corner.

And that big sister of his ... she is growing up. Kiki's schedule is

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It’s only been seven months

Posted by Tracy

August 15, 2011 The Present  No comments

The last time I contributed here was Jan. 19. There's so much optimism in January. I'd better get cracking if we're going to hit our 25 posts for the year.

Of course, we've since misplaced that wonderful checklist book (lots of stuff got moved during bathroom renovations), so we're not even sure how much has been complete. Off the top of my head: We had a week with no TV. Our fireplace now has a surround. Jason and Kiki did a ropes course (Monkey Trunks counts). We made a budget; sticking to it wasn't on the list.

This time of year - as the first day of school and my birthday approach - is when my secondary self-improvement sense kicks in. I'm pretty sure I've alluded to it in this blog before. Yes, I've been making lists and trying to think of ways to structure my days so that I'm

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