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It’s only been seven months

Posted by Tracy

August 15, 2011 The Present  No comments

The last time I contributed here was Jan. 19. There's so much optimism in January. I'd better get cracking if we're going to hit our 25 posts for the year.

Of course, we've since misplaced that wonderful checklist book (lots of stuff got moved during bathroom renovations), so we're not even sure how much has been complete. Off the top of my head: We had a week with no TV. Our fireplace now has a surround. Jason and Kiki did a ropes course (Monkey Trunks counts). We made a budget; sticking to it wasn't on the list.

This time of year - as the first day of school and my birthday approach - is when my secondary self-improvement sense kicks in. I'm pretty sure I've alluded to it in this blog before. Yes, I've been making lists and trying to think of ways to structure my days so that I'm

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Posted by Tracy

December 11, 2008 The Present  No comments

A couple of people recently pointed out to me that we haven't update this in awhile. I hadn't forgotten; time has just slipped by, as usual.

I've considered putting myself on a blog schedule. Figure out something to write once a week, maybe every Friday, no matter what's going on. And then just write at other times if something comes up. I don't know ... we'll see. In my head, I have arguments about not forcing it and worries about writing too much about myself and things that are mundane, like sorting socks or how service at the new Taco Bell really leaves much to be desired.

It doesn't really matter, though, does it? This whole blog thing is self-indulgent. So why haven't I been writing here?

That other place: I do spend way too much time on Facebook. As one friend pointed out

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If you’re *that* curious

Posted by Tracy

July 31, 2008 The Present  No comments

I kept track of what I did with my free hours yesterday. I've made fun of people who share every little minute detail of their day-to-day lives (as if I really care about how they organize their sock drawers), so I'm venturing into some uncomfortable territory here. I figure that anyone who doesn't want to bother just won't read. Won't make a difference to me.

So where does my time go?

9:30-11 - Wrote first blog entry, shaved legs, ate breakfast, picked up living room while watching last two episodes of "The Next Food Network Star" - Go, Big Daddy!

11-11:22 - Phone calls, toss in a load of laundry, read the newspaper and wonder about the rash of recent freak car crashes - one into the side of Aspirations on 101A, when the teenage driver said a big, bad truck truck with Mass.

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