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Jolly St. Nick

Posted by Jason

December 21, 2010 The Present  One comment

As everyone probably already knows from Tracy's last entry, I had the honor and privilege of being Santa Claus this week.   I always thought that someday when I got older, that would be an interesting thing to do, but figured that I wouldn't do it until I was at least 50.

The circumstances that led me to play Santa this year are tragic.   The man who was going to play the role lost his son in a car accident over the weekend.   The school PTO was a little bit desperate in finding a replacement, and honestly, I couldn't say no.   "Cookies with Santa" doesn't work if the big guy isn't available.

It was an interesting, and humbling experience.  First off, I take things like this very seriously.   I firmly believe that a child's relationship with Santa is a very important thing, and it

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Yes, Jane …

Posted by Tracy

December 3, 2010 The Present  One comment

Well, you can't say that Kiki doesn't know her dad's voice. But that's not a bad thing, even if it does reveal a little something that she wasn't supposed to find out. In the end, I'm pleased with how things turned out.

A little background: The PTO at Kiki's school holds an evening holiday celebration each year called Cookies with Santa. Kids go and decorate cookies, do other crafts, write letters to Santa and even visit the big guy himself. A mixed bag of circumstances led Jason to agree just a few days ago to put on a big red suit and white beard for tonight's festivities. It didn't take much convincing; anyone who knows Jason knows that nothing makes him happier than making kids smile.

The trick here was that we were planning to bring our own kids to the event. We weren't sure

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