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Why we don’t bother with family photos

Posted by Tracy

August 30, 2014 Outings  No comments

Best family photo ever.


For the record, The Boo isn't scared - he's very angry because he wanted to sit in the back.

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Coming to a close…

Posted by Jason

December 8, 2012 The Present  No comments

We fly home tomorrow, and I'll be sorry to see this vacation end.  Right now we're packing up so that we can have a stress free morning.  We didn't do our "Around the World in a Day" tour today... for various reasons the scheduling just didn't work out.  But on the bright side we did get to see Fantasmic, which we were really sorry to have missed on our last visit.  I'm hoping to spend some time on Sunday updating the last few blog entries with photos and images.   I'm really hoping that these past few blog entries will help my kids to remember the trip.  It's been a great time, and I'm looking forward to doing more vacations like this as they grow up.Now I'm going to shut down and pack my laptop, and Tracy and I will tear our luggage apart looking for Kiki's DS.

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Catch Up

Posted by Jason

December 6, 2012 The Present  No comments

Sometimes you're so busy having a good time, you aren't able to write about it.   Yesterday was Cherry's birthday, and we started off with a nice breakfast at Kouzzina (Cat Cora's restaurant at the Boardwalk resort).  After we finished that, Ted and Cherry rented a "surrey bicycle" for us to ride around the Boardwalk area (Boardwalk, the Beach Club and the Yacht Club).  it was a bizarre contraption with four sets of pedals and I got to steer.  Kiki was a bit upset that her feet couldn't reach the pedals and she had to be a passenger.   So it was Cherry, Ted, Tracy and I peddling while the Boo, Princess T, L'il C and Kiki were passengers... with Tim running along side us keeping pace. In the end, I think that the only casualty was a Mickey Mouse shaped Pez dispenser that was dropped by

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