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Surprise! And surprise again!

Posted by Tracy

October 10, 2010 The Present  No comments

I can't get this silly grin off my face. It's been that kind of day.

Last night around 10, my brother called to let me know that his daughter arrived healthy and happy. I'm so thrilled to be an auntie to another girl, and the Boo's not the little one anymore. Jason and I already had a full Saturday planned but decided that we just couldn't wait another day to meet her, so we squeezed in a trip to Dover before the birthday party we were scheduled to attend in the afternoon.

Happily, we got there in time to share some moments with my mom and dad and Tim, as well. We took our turns holding little Princess T - even Kiki - and my dad got a wonderful family shot. With Kiki and L'il C bouncing around and playing with Uncle Tim, it was a little chaotic - a sneak preview of holidays to come,

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Shhh… it’s a secret

Posted by Jason

June 17, 2008 The Present  No comments

One thing that Tracy neglected to mention about Craig and Holly's wedding was that it was a secret.

A secret wedding... well, what does that mean?

Basically they didn't tell the guests that they were getting married. All in all it was pretty cool. Tracy got an enigmatic email from Holly a couple of weeks ago, asking if I'd be available to perform a ceremony. I was honored of course, and we had a dinner to go over the details.

They were hosting a family barbecue for Father's Day. (There are a few birthdays in their family right around that time, so the June barbecue is a big normal family event). This was convenient because most of the people they'd want at their wedding would already be at their house. They had a few friends to invite, but overall no big fuss.

About 1/2 hour

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Like winning the lottery

Posted by Tracy

June 16, 2008 The Present  One comment

To all couples who plan to get married:

If you want to avoid several months of nagging and hand-wringing and save thousands of dollars, follow in the footsteps of our friends Holly and Craig. The two of them, who have been together for several years and bought a house together awhile back, got engaged about three weeks ago.

And they got married today in a simple ceremony officiated by Jason. Their parents and other family members were there, in their backyard, as well as a few close friends. They are a very low-key couple and are uncomfortable being in the spotlight for too long. Honestly, I can't picture Holly wearing a frothy, frilly white gown - or dropping the big bucks for one. Believe me, that's a compliment.

They know what's important: how to be together and tolerate one

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