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May 30, 2017 Goals  No comments

So there’s a big hole in our blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing at all. In March, I found, which is a site that challenges its users to write 750 words each day. They track your streak (you get badges!) and each entry gets a little scanning action to see your word clouds and guess what kind of mood you were in when you wrote your entry. It also times you and says how many times you were distracted (ie. you stopped typing for at least three minutes) in the middle of your entry. Here’s an example of the results page from today.

I think the idea of 750 words a day comes from a book called The Artist’s Way. I haven’t read it, but the idea seems to be to use the writing to purge the clutter from your mind before you start your day, freeing it for creativity and productivity. A copy of the book is sitting on my shelf now; I just have to take some time to read it.

Most of my writing has been the off-the-cuff, say whatever is going through my head type. I don’t know how I’m actually improving my concentration or anything, but it does feel good. Even just the physical act of typing every day without having to worry about making mistakes or editing what a write afterward feels refreshing. On the days I can’t get to it until later in the day, it’s more of a chore, so I try to get to it as early as possible (though I stop short of waking up before 6 to do it).

I’ve been at it for more than 100 days now, even though I broke my streak at the end of April. Whether or not I can keep it up when the Boo is out of school I guess we’ll see.

My plan now is to use my daily entries to start blog posts. Some of them may not end up in the public eye, but at least I have a blank canvas to start. Other users have used this site to work on their fiction pieces, and maybe I’ll get to that point someday.

The one downside to this site is that I sometimes find myself adding words to sentences to bump up the count and get to the end faster. It’s a move that defeats the purpose of improving my writing, so I will continue to work on being a better editor. It’s been a long time since my writing has been up for evaluation by others. The last time I can think of was several years ago when I was writing fan fiction and posting it for comments. Even then, most people are positive when commenting on those stories.

Posting here probably won’t bring on the judgments either, but if I get comfortable enough posting my words here, maybe I’ll work up the nerve to bring things to the next level.

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