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March 7, 2013 The Past  No comments

I thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to Jason’s photo gallery.

Jason mentioned that we’re cleaning up a little. One of the catalysts is that I’m going away for a scrapbooking weekend in a few weeks (for the first time since the Boo was born), and most of my equipment was buried in the all-purpose (ie. office, gym, craft area, junk closet) room.

That also led me on the search for older digital photos. Ours go back until 2001, when I borrowed my dad’s camera for our trip to Thailand. We got our first digital camera – a lovely 2-megapixel Olympus – not too long after we got back. The ability to take lots and lots of photos without wasting film was just too addicting.

A few years later, we upgraded to a Canon point-and-shoot that took photos up to 7 megapixels – and it took videos. We didn’t have a camcorder (we both prefer still photos, so this was the main way we got videos of Kiki. The one posted here is classic 2-year-old Kiki dressed as a cat and chattering up a storm. The quality isn’t that great, but you can hear and see enough.

the Boo LOVES this video and plays it over and over, as he traces her path from room to room – though that part of the house looks quite different now. New wall color, new sofa, fewer toys, and it’s cleaner … most of the time.

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